Undergoing a loss of libido? Here are 3 possible reasons and ways to overcome it

Getting afflicted with low libido is common. However, if this condition is persistent for the long term, then one needs to investigate the underlying causes. According to the National Health Survey, U.S., loss of libido is a common problem affecting up to 1 in 5 men and even more women at some point in their life.

To find out why people undergo loss of libido and how it can be combatted, Midday.com spoke to functional nutritionist Mugdha Pradhan, CEO and founder of iThrive. She breaks down the causes, symptoms, and ways to reignite sexual energy.

Causes of loss of libido:

Physical Causes
The physical causes of sexual dysfunction and libido loss are varied. Deficiencies and inflammation play significant roles in disrupting optimal hormone production, which diminishes libido. In women, the estrogen-progesterone-testosterone cycle can be disrupted by infections, toxins, and deficiencies. In men, metabolic conditions like diabetes and insulin resistance can directly lead to erectile dysfunction. Inflammation and elevated cortisol levels can also lower testosterone and DHEA levels, thereby impacting libido.

Psychological Causes
Psychological stressors can significantly affect sexual energy. When the body experiences stress, it prioritizes dealing with the perceived danger over reproductive processes. The body`s fight-or-flight response suppresses sexual drive in order to focus on survival and dealing with the stressful situation first. Stress, anxiety, and emotional burdens divert the body`s attention away from procreation, limiting sexual desire. The body understands that removing the stressor is a priority over making babies because the safety of the offspring is not guaranteed in a state of danger.
Stress and sex drive don’t go together unless it is the case that you’re using sex as a tool for dopamine spike and stress release.

 Relationship Issues
Relationship dynamics play a crucial role in sexual energy. Lack of attraction to one`s partner is often the case with forced marriages due to social pressure (which is very common in India). Sometimes your partner just turns out to be a nasty person or narcissist. If you’re not psychologically and biologically in tune with your partner then that will hamper libido.

Are women at a higher risk to acquire a loss in their libido?
While both men and women can experience a decline in libido, women face specific challenges. Evolutionarily, women are primed for monogamy to ensure paternal care for their children, while men are wired to spread their sperm widely. Additionally, post-pregnancy, women`s libido often decreases for approximately two years due to the demands of caring for the baby.

Human babies require more care and for a longer period than the young ones of other species. If the male partner is not supported during this period, the female`s interest in them may decline, which is another cause of libido loss. However, there are hormonal peaks during pregnancy when libido increases due to heightened progesterone and estrogen levels.

What are the symptoms of a loss in libido?
The symptoms of a loss in libido can vary. Common indicators include a lack of motivation for sex, preoccupation with other aspects of life, and decreased thoughts about sexual activity. In women, there may also be a lack of lubrication and vaginal dryness. While women can hide their lack of libido more easily, men’s libido loss is more easily visible due to a lack of erections. Furthermore, a loss of libido can lead to anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

How can women reignite their sex drive?
Women can reignite their sex drive by reclaiming their power and understanding that their sexuality is not solely for the benefit of men. By taking ownership of their sexuality and embracing their desires, women can overcome psychological barriers that may inhibit their libido. In most species, it is the female that invites the man for sex during her fertile period. It is an honour for a man to be invited for sex.

Checking for underlying physical causes, such as hormonal imbalances or deficiencies, is also crucial. Getting your health evaluated and optimizing overall health can help identify and rectify any underlying issues. Addressing stress at work and managing emotional well-being are also important steps towards restoring sexual energy. These are helpful at a surface level only though.

Inherently to get their sexuality back, most women have to reclaim their power as a woman and own their sexuality. It is not something to be trivialized and scattered away at the feet of men. Often men use sex as a tool to possess or own women.

Which physical exercise can people resort to for balancing their libido?
In general, engaging in regular physical exercise, including core strengthening and muscle-building activities, contributes to better overall health, hormonal balance and thus a good libido. Kegel exercises, in particular, are beneficial for both men and women for boosting libido.

They help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, improve tone, and enhance sexual sensations. Kegels can be particularly helpful for women experiencing vaginal muscle laxity or flaccidity. Yoga can improve hip flexibility and open up the hips. A lot of emotional trauma gets stored in the hips. And your entire sexual energy begins in the pelvic region.

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