Image Source : @CSPAN/X Tennessee Republican Rep. John Rose with his son, Guy

Social media often features clips of passionate lawmakers delivering speeches on the House floor, but one particular clip gaining traction doesn’t owe its popularity to the content of the remarks. Instead, the viral clip stars Tennessee Republican Representative John Rose, with the spotlight stolen by his 6-year-old son, Guy, and his antics.

During Rose’s address to the US House of Representatives on Monday, where he criticized the trial and conviction of former President Donald Trump as a “terrible precedent” and “politically driven prosecution,” viewers were less focused on the politician’s words and more on the entertaining spectacle provided by Guy.

Positioned behind his father, Guy grinned widely at the camera, indulging in various playful gestures and expressions throughout the speech, much to the amusement of viewers.

The comical interruptions persisted, unbeknownst to the lawmaker, as Guy rolled his eyes, stuck out his tongue, made hand gestures, played with a green squish toy, and pulled off more humorous faces.

Rose later reflected on the humorous episode, quipping, “This is what I get for telling my son Guy to smile at the camera for his little brother,” in a post on X accompanying the video.

As per Rose’s website, Guy is his eldest child. Sadly, he and his wife, Chelsea, experienced the loss of “their expected son” Mack in November 2019 due to complications during pregnancy. Subsequently, they welcomed another son named Sam in March 2021.

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