Image Source : SNAPSHOT FROM YT US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller

The United States on Thursday said it supports direct discussions between India and Pakistan. State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller, while responding to a question at his daily news conference, said the US support a direct dialogue between India and Pakistan but the pace, scope and character of talks should be determined by the two neighbouring countries.

He asserted the US values its important relationships with both India and Pakistan.

“As we have said, we support direct discussions between India and Pakistan, but the pace, scope and character should be determined by those two countries, not by us,” Miller said.

Responding to another question, he said the US and Pakistan have a shared interest in combating threats to regional security.

“We partner with Pakistan on security through our high-level counterterrorism dialogue, including several counterterrorism capacity building programmes, and we support a series of US-Pakistan military-to-military engagements,” Miller added.

“We are in regular communication with Pakistani leaders as a part of our partnership on CT issues, and we will continue to discuss regional security in detail, including through our annual counterterrorism dialogue and other bilateral consultations,” the spokesperson said.

 “India continues to be a close partner of the United States, not just at the government level, but at the people-to-people level. We do share close economic ties and close cultural ties. They continue to be a partner that we work with on our Indo-Pacific strategy and we will look forward to continuing to do that with the government,” he added.

(With PTI inputs)

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