Shooting during Juneteenth celebration leaves two persons dead in USA

Shooting during an event in US leaves two persons dead. Photo Courtesy: Unsplash

At least two people died in a shooting incident during Juneteenth celebration in the US city of Round Rock in Texas on Saturday.

An altercation broke out between two groups during the event at Old Settlers Park, and “someone produced a gun and began to fire”, Round Rock Police Chief Allen Banks was quoted as saying by CNN at a news conference.

A large number of people were present at the venue when the shooting occurred.

People have so far not taken a person in custody.

The exact number of people who opened fire during the event is still not clear.

“This is an ongoing investigation,” Banks said.

In a statement, Round Rock Police Department said: “Round Rock police are investigating a shooting incident Saturday night that left two people dead and multiple others injured during a Juneteenth celebration at Old Settlers Park, located at 1371 Harrell Parkway in Round Rock.”

As per the official Facebook page of the Round Rock Parks and Recreation Department, several artists were due to perform during the event.