Vaishali Shadangule, widely known as Vaishali S, a renowned Mumbai-based fashion designer unveiled her latest Fall Winter `24 Couture Collection, `Satori` during the recently concluded, Paris Haute Couture Week, at the iconic Pont Alexandre III in France.

In collaboration with Tanishq Jewellery, the luxury label founder walked with Radhika Apte as the showstopper. Her latest collection `Satori` can be traced to the ‘Zen’ Buddhist philosophy for sudden enlightenment and the realisation of that which is already within us. 

Shadangule has made a significant mark in the fashion industry with her unique blend of traditional Indian textiles and contemporary designs. Born and raised in the cultural hub of Vidisha, Madhya Pradesh, she is known for her innovative use of handwoven fabrics and for upholding sustainable practices.

Having begun her formal journey into fashion with a degree in Fashion Design from the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) in Mumbai, she went on to hone her skills in design by gaining industry experience. In 2021, she launched her eponymous label, Vaishali S. From then on, she has mapped the ramps of various fashion shows on national and international waters.

In a quick chat with Midday, Shadangule takes us through the inspiration behind her collection, key takeaways from the ramp and most memorable moments from Paris Haute Couture Week.

What was the inspiration behind the collection you presented at Paris Haute Couture Week?

Vaishali: The source of inspiration for me is always nature. Through the lens of nature, I introspect and mirror the stages of my own development path. 
With this collection, `Satori,` I wanted to capture those moments of sudden realisation that come from deep within our souls, when we realises that the answers we were searching for are already inside us. It`s a journey of leaps and bounds. That`s why you`ll see elements in this collection that develop linearly from my previous work, along with some breaks that represent those moments of sudden clarity. In my designs, which are usually three-dimensional, I`ve also included some two-dimensional, multilayered pieces.

The colour scheme in her latest collection is muted, featuring shades of deep white, beige and grey. Accents of deep indigo, rich burgundy and gold also find a place on the fabric. Image courtesy: Vaishali S.

Most memorable moment for you during the event?

Vaishali: The most memorable moment for me is always when the first model steps onto the ramp. It`s like a shift in energy, transitioning into show mode. But this time, walking the ramp with Radhika Apte was truly epic. She`s such a wonderful person and working with her was so easy and pleasant that even the final walk felt different. Plus, showcasing the beautiful Tanishq Jewelry collection `Enchanted Trails` made for the event made it all feel like a dream.

Biggest challenges you faced in preparing for Paris Fashion Week, and how did you overcome them?

Vaishali: Paris Haute Couture is always a huge commitment. On one hand, you need to be extremely creative, but on the other hand, the quality has to be top-notch, with everything balanced perfectly. It`s a double effort for a designer, often pulling you in opposite directions. But it`s a really exciting process overall!

Key takeaways from the runway: Paris loves my creativity and colour palette, though sometimes needs also some more “Parisianity.”

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