Viral video shows Mohanlal accepting invitation for duck curry from elderly fan

A charming video of Mohanlal is going viral on the internet. In the clip, the actor is seen walking with an elderly woman, asking her what she plans to give him. She affectionately replies, ‘Tharavu curry’, which is duck curry.
The woman had come to watch the megastar’s shoot and invited him to her house for some food. Mohanlal happily accepted the invitation. During their conversation, the woman asks, “Shooting kazhinjo mone?” meaning, “Is the shoot over, son?” Mohanlal playfully responds, “No, why? Are you eager to send us off?” He then inquires about her promised treat, and she confirms it is duck curry.

This heartwarming encounter occurred during the shooting of Mohanlal’s latest film, directed by Tharun Moorthy. Tentatively titled “L360,” the film stars Mohanlal and Shobana in lead roles. The shooting began amid great anticipation and excitement from fans.