Virat Kohli‘s exceptional fitness has set a benchmark not just in cricket but across sports. His unwavering discipline and determination have made him one of the fittest cricketers globally, even as he approaches 35 years of age. From his rigorous fitness regimen to dietary habits, Kohli’s formula for success is widely known. Broadcaster Jatin Sapru shared an insightful anecdote on a podcast, revealing that during an IPL season, Kohli maintained his fitness by strictly consuming baked chicken and steamed vegetables.

Jatin Sapru unveils Virat Kohli’s strict fitness routine and nutritional habits.(Instagram)

In a podcast episode of The Ranveer Show, broadcaster Jatin Sapru shared that during one IPL season, Virat Kohli strictly adhered to a diet without deviation. Kohli’s approach was disciplined and focused; he prioritised nutritional value over taste preferences. According to Sapru, Kohli mentioned that he eats based on his body’s specific nutritional requirements, emphasising his commitment to maintaining peak physical condition. (Also read: Attack on sugar unfair? Fitness experts reveal why sugar is absolutely safe for human health )

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During a flight, Jatin Sapru observed Virat Kohli carrying a large bag containing a coffee set, nut set, and protein bar set, meticulously timed for consumption every half hour. Sapru highlighted Kohli’s strict routine and discipline, noting that Kohli adheres to his nutritional schedule with precision. According to Sapru, Kohli’s dedication extends to prioritising what might be considered mundane or repetitive, emphasising that maintaining such disciplined habits is one of the most challenging aspects of his regimen.

Here are 5 fitness and diet secrets inspired by Virat Kohli’s regimen that you can incorporate into your routine:

-Virat Kohli swears by high-intensity workouts comprising strength training, cardio, and agility exercises to enhance strength, endurance, and flexibility, crucial for maintaining peak performance in cricket.

-Discipline is the cornerstone of Kohli’s fitness regimen. He maintains a consistent training schedule year-round, prioritising workouts even during breaks to sustain his fitness levels.

-Kohli’s diet plan is meticulously tailored to support his rigorous training and cricket matches. Meals are strategically timed to optimise energy levels and aid recovery, reflecting his commitment to peak physical condition.

-Mindful nutrition is central to Kohli’s approach, focusing on the quality rather than the quantity of food. His diet includes a variety of nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins to promote overall well-being.

-Adequate hydration is another essential aspect of Kohli’s routine, critical for performance and recovery. He ensures he stays well-hydrated throughout the day to support his athletic demands effectively.