Image Source : PIXABAY Visakhapatnam: 59-year-old man, his son die of suspected rabies following pet dog bite.

Visakhapatnam: A man and his son died of suspected rabies within a week after being bit by their pet dog in Andhra Pradesh’s Visakhapatnam. The shocking incident occurred in Bheemili, a suburb of the port city.

Bhargav (27) died of suspected rabies on Tuesday (June 25), four days after his father Narsinga Rao (59) succumbed at a hospital. The father-son duo was bitten by their pet dog a week ago. Narsinga Rao was bitten by the dog on his leg while Bhargav sustained injuries on the nose. The dog died within two days due to suspected rabies.

Father-son duo took anti-rabies vaccine

After the dog’s death, Rao and his son had taken anti-rabies vaccine but apparently, the delay led to both of them developing symptoms of rabies and ultimately led to their tragic death. Narsinga Rao was an employee of Road Transport Corporation but was bed-ridden for the last few years due to paralysis. His son was a railway employee.

Their deaths shocked people in Bheemili. Local health authorities began an investigation into the cause of the deaths.

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