Vivek Ramaswamy, who is being seen as the Republican’s VP candidate, offered a piece of advice with a banter to the Democrats as speculations are rife over Biden alternatives. The Indian-American billionaire said the more the Democrats delay choosing their ‘puppet’, it’s best for them — contrary to the popular belief as there will be a honeymoon period after a new candidate is picked.The Democrats’ ideal situation would be the election to be held during that honeymoon period sans public scrutiny, Vivek Ramaswamy said.
“A lot of geniuses are coming out of the woodwork to predict that it won’t be Biden, but that’s been obvious for over a year. The real question is what’s going to happen in the next 4 months. Follow the incentives: the later the Dems make the switch, the more advantageous it actually is for them,” Vivek posted on X.

Explaining, Vivek added, “There’ll be the initial 3-4 month “honeymoon phase” where the public, aided by MSM coverage, is likely to fall in love with *anyone* they put up as Biden’s successor. At minimum, it’ll be the public’s sense of relief, akin to the feeling of gratitude that a tortured prisoner feels for his liberator.
The Democrats’ ideal scenario is for the election to occur during that honeymoon phase, long before the “public scrutiny” of the new nominee begins. Every day that passes between now & late August to make the switch, the better off they will be. Conventional wisdom says it’s messy for them to swap someone out late, but it’s increasingly clear that view is wrong.”
Meanwhile, the Republicans will stand for what it stands for “irrespective of which puppet the Democratic machine puts up next”.
“Individual, family, nation, and God beats race, gender, sexuality and climate. Trump’s embrace of national pride & American exceptionalism is something that countless Americans are hungry for, regardless of race or party. That’s how we win & save our nation,” Vivek posted.