It’s been over a year since Vivian Dsena was seen on screen, but the actor informs that soon he will be making his OTT debut. “There are talks going on for a web show, I have done mock shoot for it. It’s going to be my debut for OTT. We still have to start shooting, and we will do that post monsoons,” he shares.

Vivian Dsena set to make his OTT debut

Dsena’s last show was Udaariyaan in 2023, and ever since his marriage in 2022, he has been traveling back and forth between Mumbai and Bahrain for work as his wife and daughter stay there. Ask him how he manages it, and he says, “Who am I working for? Once you have a family, you do all that you can for them. I have this special connection with (comedian-actor) Zakir Khan and he once said, ‘never blame your parents for what they did, because they must have done their best’. And I love that. My family can of course travel to Mumbai when they want and even my father travel to Bahrain sometimes. With so much technology around, it isn’t difficult. And it’s just 3.5-4 hours flight to Bahrain from Mumbai.”

The 36-year-old has been a part of the industry since 2008 and feels happy that in a time when “shows are going off air in two to three months, my shortest show has run for 10-11 months.” Ask the actor if he ever fell attracted to the land of Bollywood in these 16 years in the industry and he says, “I never had a Bollywood dream, I am sorry. At the beginning of my career, even before people knew who I am, my mother told me that if God gives you a position at a certain place, give your best every time at the same position. Don’t try to wander around into a position where you have to start from scratch.”