NEW DELHI: A day before the 2024 Lok Sabha results are scheduled to be declared, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi said on Monday that the party is “hopeful” that the election results would be “completely opposite” to what the exit polls have predicted.
On being asked about the exit poll results, Gandhi said, “We have to wait, just wait and see.”
Pollsters on Saturday predicted third term for the BJP-led NDA with majority of them predicting 350-400 seats for NDA.
Talking to PTI, Sonia Gandhi said, “We are very hopeful that our results are completely opposite to what exit polls are showing.”
This comes a day after Rahul Gandhi rejected the exit poll results saying that INDIA bloc would win 295 seats in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.
Terming exit polls as “Modi media poll”, Rahul Gandhi, when asked about the number of seats INDIA bloc is expecting to win said on Sunday, “Have you heard Sidhu Moose Wala’s song 295? 295.”
Arvind Kejriwal also rejected exit poll results saying, “What was the need for the BJP to conduct these fake polls just three days before election results?” asked Kejriwal. Punjab Congress president Amarinder Singh also expressed confidence in the party’s performance, and said, “I am not bothered about what the BJP and the exit polls say… I don’t think the BJP is winning any seats in Punjab… Congress will emerge as the biggest party with the biggest numbers…”
Votes for 2024 Lok Sabha elections which was held in seven phases starting April 19 is scheduled to be counted on June 4.

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