Lt Col JS Sodhi (Retd) recently posted a video on his X account that showcased Major General Prasanna Joshi of the Indian Army exercising in the gym. The video captures the 56-year-old Major General Joshi performing pull-ups without taking a break while being cheered on and encouraged by jawans.
In his X post, Lt Col JS Sodhi praised Major General Prasanna Joshi, stating, “Salute and respect to the physical fitness of Major General Prasanna Joshi of the Indian Army.No wonder the Indian Army has been rated as the finest fighting force in the world by the German publication Statista in October 2022. Proud of the Indian Army. Jai Hind.”
The video captures Major General Joshi approaching a pull-up station in a gym, dressed in his uniform. He then proceeds to perform 25 repetitions of the exercise with apparent ease, impressing the young Army personnel present who applaud his feat.
The video has garnered praise from various individuals on the platform. One user remarked, “Major General Prasanna Joshi… What a fitness at the age of 56.”
Another user expressed their admiration, commenting, “Total awe. The guys who brave the most trying times and situations – have the widest smiles and spirit. Kudos to him and #IndianArmy #fauj.”
Yet another user added, “Major General Prasanna Joshi’s physical fitness is a reflection of the Indian Army’s unwavering commitment to excellence. We salute his dedication and service to the nation.”
The video has undeniably inspired young people throughout India, serving as a testament to the dedication and physical prowess of the Indian Army’s leadership. Pull-ups are widely regarded as one of the most challenging bodyweight exercises, requiring substantial upper body and core strength. The exercise involves lifting one’s entire body weight through a complete range of motion, making it a demanding task for many individuals.