Screengrab from the video. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

In a shocking incident from Pakistan, a prank involving railway service went miserably wrong, drawing widespread backlash from social media users. A viral video circulated on the social media platform X shows a group of youngsters engaging in a dangerous prank near railway tracks.

Screengrab from the video. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

In the video, the youngsters are seen parking a bike inside a lake beneath the railway tracks and accelerating it in an attempt to splash water on a passing train.

The pranksters assumed that the train would not stop. However, to their surprise, the train did halt during the event. The unexpected stop drew immediate attention to the youngsters, and those who deboarded promptly seized the bike. As chaos ensued, the video showed the youngsters running away from the scene and also being chased by passengers.

Despite the seriousness of the incident, no arrests have been made so far. This has outraged netizens, many of whom questioned why the youngsters weren’t arrested for their reckless behaviour.

In this particular incident, the frustration of the passengers was evident, where the on-board passengers took matter into their hands and thrashed the youngsters who pranked on the railway train.

This incident is a reminder of the potential dangers of thoughtless pranks and the importance of strict measures to prevent such incident. This incident also draws attention to the need for strict measures to prevent similar dangerous pranks in the future.

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