Priyanka posted the video on Instagram. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

A day after getting injured on the sets of her upcoming Hollywood film, The Bluff, actress Priyanka Chopra took to her social media handle on Thursday to share a video of herself covered in blood and scars. The film will see her pack some serious punches, and PeeCee seems to have completely immersed herself in the role.

Priyanka posted the video on Instagram. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

In the video, shared on Instagram, Priyanka can be seen showing a bloodied lip and bruises on her face and neck on camera. The video also showed blood trickling down her neck and chest.

“Yeah, when you do action movies… It’s really glamorous. Another day at the office,” she said in the video.

Not just that, but she also shared photos of cuts and bruises all over her body, along with behind-the-scenes pictures from the sets of the film.

On Wednesday, she had shared a photo of a deep gash on her neck along with the caption, “Oh, the professional hazards of my job.”

The Bluff tells the story of an ex-female pirate, played by Priyanka, who embarks on a journey to protect her family. The actress will be seen sharing the screen with Karl Urban in the film, and it is being directed by Frank E Flowers.

Priyanka, who is filming in Australia, had penned a note for the team of the film a few days ago. “When I start a new project it’s really important for me to know that the people that come together to make it are top notch. We spend so much time together, away from our families and homes ,thinking ,eating and breathing the art we’re contributing to. It becomes so much easier when everyone you’re surrounded by is full of joy , dedication and the absolute best at their craft. This feels like that,” it read.

Besides The Bluff, Priyanka also has Heads Of State in the pipeline, which also stars John Cena and Idris Elba in lead roles.

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