Screengrab from the video. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

In an unusual incident reported from Rhode Island, USA, a speeding deer jumped into a bus by breaking through the windscreen glass, leaving passengers onboard shocked and scared. The entire incident was recorded on camera.

Screengrab from the video. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

The cameras fitted in the vehicle recorded the deer dramatically crashing into the moving bus. The dashcam footage showed the deer running towards the bus and smashing through its windscreen. While the passengers seated there panicked at the moment, the driver managed to continue to drive. The incident took place on June 10. The deer, unfortunately, lost its life.

A report by Fox News stated that the deer suddenly ran into a RIPTA bus traveling on Warwick Ave and later died in the deadly crash after succumbing to the injuries. The State Dept. of Environment Management then removed its corpse.

Passengers injured

As per reports, people travelling on the bus were injured after the deer’s jump crushed the windscreen glass into pieces. Reportedly, of the total six passengers onboard, three suffered injuries due to the incident.

1,347 deer-vehicle collisions last year

While this might be a shocking incident for some, one must note that such incidents of deer crashes are more than common in the region, especially during the breeding season of the animal. According to The Providence Journal, Rhode Island recorded 1,347 deer-vehicle collisions in 2023.

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