Screengrab of the fatal accident. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

In a tragic incident, a young woman lost her life after she was hit on her head by a moving train while taking a selfie in Mexico’s Hidalgo on Tuesday. The woman died on the spot after being hit on the head by the train. The incident was caught on camera, and the video has since gone viral. The video shows a crowd gathering near the railway track to witness the passage of the train. The woman was one among them.

Screengrab of the fatal accident. Photo courtesy: Free Press Journal

The train involved in the incident was a steam locomotive that travels from Canada to Mexico City, attracting many locals. The crowd gathered in Hidalgo to get a glimpse of the steam locomotive, Empress 2816, as it passed through Nopala de Villagrán in Hidalgo. The woman, identified as Dulce Alondra (28), was among the spectators. She took out her mobile phone to take a selfie with the moving train.

The woman waited for the train to come closer to take the selfie. However, she did not realise that she was dangerously close to the tracks. By the time she noticed, the train had closed in on her, and the front part of the engine hit her head, slamming her on the ground. The impact left the victim in an unresponsive state. The entire incident was caught on camera.

Reports indicate that the victim was a teacher and had a young child. She received a severe blow to her head, causing a fatal brain injury, and she died on the spot.

The woman was accompanied by her child when the incident occurred. Many people have suffered serious injuries and even lost their lives while trying to take selfies or make videos for social media accounts.

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