Congress MP Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday took a swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the latter’s remark during the Lok Sabha elections that he was being guided by God. Gandhi, who won the polls from Wayanad and Rae Bareli and is facing a dilemma as to which seat to vacate, said his God is the poor people of India and they will tell him what to do.

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi addresses a public meeting, in Malappuram on Wednesday. (ANI Photo)

“I have a dilemma in front of me — Will I be a Member of Parliament of Wayanad or Raebareli? Unfortunately, like the Prime Minister, I am not guided by God. I am a human being,” Rahul Gandhi quipped, addressing an event in Kerala’s Malappuram.

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In an interview last month, PM Modi said that God had sent him with “ability, strength, pure-heartedness and inspiration”.

“Until my mother was alive, I used to think I was born biologically. After her demise, when I look at my experiences, I am convinced that I was sent by God. This strength is not from my body. It has been given to me by God. That’s why God also gave me the ability, strength, pure-heartedness, and inspiration to do this. I’m nothing but an instrument that God has sent,” he had said.

Referring to the remark, Gandhi today said PM Modi’s Parmatma makes him take all decisions in the favour of industrialists Gautam Adani and Mukesh Ambani.

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“You saw how the Prime Minister said ‘400-paar’ which disappeared and then came ‘300-paar’. After that, he said, ‘I am not biological. I don’t take any decisions. I have been put on this earth by Parmatma and he makes decisions,” Gandhi claimed today.

“His strange ‘Parmatma’ makes him take all the decisions in favour of Ambani and Adani. He tells him to give Bombay airport, Lucknow airport, and power plants to Adani and help him with schemes like Agniveer,” he added.

Rahul Gandhi said he doesn’t have the “luxury” of receiving instructions from God.

“For me, it’s much simpler. My God is the poor people of India, the people of Wayanad. I go and talk to those people and my God tells me what to do,” he added.

In Rae Bareli, Rahul Gandhi won the elections by a margin of over 3,90,000 votes. In Wayanad, he won the polls by a margin of 364422 votes.

In 2019, Gandhi had lost the polls in Amethi but won from Wayanad.

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