NEW DELHI: The United States has expressed its backing for direct talks between India and Pakistan, emphasising that the two neighbouring nations should determine the pace, scope, and nature of the discussions themselves. State department spokesperson Matthew Miller, during his daily press briefing on Thursday, affirmed the US’s appreciation for its significant ties with both countries in response to a question.
“As we have said, we support direct discussions between India and Pakistan, but the pace, scope and character should be determined by those two countries, not by us,” Miller said.
In reply to a separate query, Miller highlighted the shared interest of the US and Pakistan in addressing regional security threats. He mentioned that the US collaborates with Pakistan on security matters through high-level counterterrorism dialogues and various capacity-building initiatives, as well as supporting military-to-military engagements between the two countries.
Miller further noted that the US maintains regular communication with Pakistani leadership as part of their counterterrorism partnership. He assured that regional security will continue to be discussed in detail through annual counterterrorism dialogues and other bilateral consultations.
“We partner with Pakistan on security through our high-level counterterrorism dialogue, including several counterterrorism capacity building programmes, and we support a series of US-Pakistan military-to-military engagements,” he said.
“We are in regular communication with Pakistani leaders as a part of our partnership on CT issues, and we will continue to discuss regional security in detail, including through our annual counterterrorism dialogue and other bilateral consultations,” he added.