WhatsApp video calls now support 32 participants, screen sharing, and speaker spotlight

WhatsApp has updated its video calling features across devices, introducing screen sharing with audio support and a new speaker spotlight feature. Additionally, the platform now allows up to 32 participants in a video call. 

Previously, WhatsApp introduced screen-sharing for video calls. Now, it has enhanced this feature by adding audio support. This allows users to watch videos together during a call, sharing both screen and sound with their contacts.

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WhatsApp Increased Participant Limit

One of the major new features is screen sharing with audio. Users can now share videos or other content on their screens with accompanying audio, making the experience more interactive. This update improves upon the previous capability of screen sharing without sound.

WhatsApp Improved Group Call Management

Another significant change is the increased number of participants allowed in a video call. WhatsApp now supports up to 32 people in a single call. This expansion accommodates larger virtual gatherings, meetings, or online classes, regardless of whether participants are using a desktop or mobile device.

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WhatsApp Speaker Spotlight Feature

The speaker spotlight feature helps manage conversations during group calls. The person speaking is automatically highlighted and appears first on the screen, making it easier to follow discussions and ensuring the speaker is prominently displayed.

WhatsApp has also focused on enhancing audio and video quality. The recent introduction of the MLow codec improves call reliability. For mobile users, this translates to better noise and echo cancellation, resulting in clearer calls even in noisy environments. Video calls benefit from higher resolution if the internet connection is strong. Even on older devices or with poor network connectivity, the overall audio quality is enhanced.

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These updates reflect WhatsApp’s commitment to continuous improvement of its calling features. Whether users are making private calls from home or participating in group chats with friends worldwide, WhatsApp aims to provide the best possible calling experience.

With these latest enhancements, WhatsApp aims to make connecting with others through video calls more efficient and enjoyable. The updates ensure users have access to high-quality calls, no matter where they are.

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