The long-running television show, Wheels of Fortune recently made headlines with the departure of fan-favourite host, Pat Sajak, departed from the show. The episode of his departure garnered 11 million views which was the highest for the show in the past four years.

Vanna White might leave Wheel of Fortune after the departure of Pat Sajak, because she ‘doesn’t jibe’ with the new host, Ryan Seacrest.(Left Image: Photo by ANGELA WEISS / AFP)

After Sajak’s retirement, Vanna White might leave the show next because she “doesn’t jibe” with her new co-host Ryan Seacrest, as reported by Ryan replaced White’s former co-host after 41 seasons of Sajak, in June.

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Vanna white wants to walk away from the show

After the retirement of Sajak, White negotiated an increase in her salary with the producers of the show. Upon agreement, she signed a contract to be a part of the show until 2025-2026. As reported, salary demands are not easy with Sony execs but she did not back down and signed for two more years when they agreed on an increase from her previous salary, $3 million.

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However, the game show host wants to leave sooner than her contract allows. A source revealed to Daily Mail, “Vanna is retiring from the show when her contract ends, but there is a part of her that wants to walk away sooner. It is just so difficult to do this without Pat”.

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Ryan and White’s chemistry on Wheels of Fortune

Ryan will officially take over the show when it is back with its new season which will be the 42nd edition in the series. As reported by the Daily Mail, the source explained that White felt that she devoted her time and life to the show and she made a fortunate run while it lasted the show now requires a younger host who will be compatible with Ryan.

A source revealed to The Post there are no issues between Ryan and White and they do not lack the alleged chemistry. “There is absolutely no truth to this story. Ryan and Vanna have started working together and have been having a lovely time on set,” said the source.

Netizens reacted to the possibility of White leaving the show on micro blogging site X. One user wrote,  “Well, this is surprise. We all Pat Sajak is leaving and retiring from Wheel of Fortune and now Vanna White is thinking to do the same thing. There is one thing left, Wheel of Fortune has a new host and it’s Ryan Seacrest and who is the new co-host and model. We don’t know yet.”

Another X user wrote, “Understandable. It will be a major adjustment on many levels. Change isn’t easy when you have been doing the show with the same person for 40 yrs. New host, different type of person, different relationship. It’s like starting all over again.”

A third user of X wrote, “Oh i was hoping those to kids could work together”, while another user simply wrote, “oh no”.