BTS`s Kim Taehyung is preparing for the launch of his debut solo album, `Layover`. The anticipation among BTS ARMY is increasingly reaching fever heights. Known as V, Taehyung has been actively promoting his album locally, and he recently graced the cover of W Korea`s September 2023 issue. In the feature, V divulged some tidbits about his pet Pomerian, Yeontan.

Taehyung has been doing some gender-bending fashion photoshoots and blowing ARMYs` minds. So far, he has appeared on fashion publications like Arena and W Korea. In an interview with the latter, he discussed Yeontan`s health. Anybody who has seen BTS`s `Bangtan Bombs` (behind-the-scenes moments that capture BTS`s music activities and onstage/offstage moments) has seen fluffy Yeontan being pampered by every person he meets. Tannie probably got one too many treats from the members – Taehyung shared that he had been put on a diet because he had grown too plump. He also mentioned that his dog received a new haircut, enhancing his adorable appearance.

In the same interaction, when asked about his relationship with Tannie, V admitted he isn`t the primary authority figure for his pet. Taehyung shared that his mother, who he affectionately referred to as the real `boss of the family` is also the one Yeontan listens to most. When Yeontan is with his mother, he often doesn`t heed Taehyung`s calls. However, in the presence of strangers, Taehyung is the main man and holds the reins.

So far, Taehyung has released two tracks and their music videos from `Layover.` These are `Love Me Again` and `Rainy Days.` Earlier today, he also officially released Scenery, Winter Bear and Snow Flower which had previously only been available on Souncloud. 

In the `Rainy Days` music video, Taehyung masterfully crafts a song rooted in the pop R&B genre for, infusing it with a distinct vibe by blending vintage percussion sounds seamlessly with contemporary drums. The accompanying music video, calm and subdued in nature, encapsulates V as he spends a leisurely day at home, seemingly thinking of someone special.

Whether it`s the melancholy that charges the song or the evident display of Taehyung`s endearing boyfriend vibes, every facet of the song and its music video resonated deeply with audiences. Notably, the video also garnered attention for featuring Yeontan, V`s furry companion, whose cameo undeniably captured the spotlight. What ARMY especially fell for was that the entire video was tinted in hues of blue and yellow – the only colours that dogs are able to perceive! We admit, we teared up a little too when we understood that the music video was from Tannie`s perspective.

However, in a surprising revelation, Taehyung shared that since he hadn`t been able to bring Yeontan to Spain, the furry Pomerian spotted in the MV was not actually Tannie, but a very similar looking friend`s dog! Leave it to BTS to drop bombs on ARMY!