Image Source : X Deadpool and Wolverine be released in theatres on July 26

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ came into the discussion with the release of the trailer. Now fans are waiting for the theatrical release of the film. Meanwhile, a big update came about ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’. Reports are claiming Taylor Swift is doing a cameo in the role of Dazzler along with Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds in the film. A new trailer of ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’ was released a few days ago, in which an actress was shown wearing Deadpool’s famous red suit, but the face was not revealed. This sparked a new debate on social media about the film ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’.

Will Taylor become Lady Deadpool?

Fans suggested many names for the female superhero of ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’. Taylor Swift’s name was also discussed among them because the actress was seen with Ryan and Hugh as well as director Shawn Levy in New York last October. Apart from this, Taylor is also a close friend of lead actor Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively. In such a situation, speculation increased that Taylor is going to play the role of pop star mutant in ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’. However, this proved to be just a rumour.

Blake and Taylor in Deadpool and Wolverine?

Regarding Deadpool, Entertainment Weekly has claimed in one of its reports that Taylor Swift will not be seen in the film. Interestingly, this report has come amid speculations in which it was claimed that Taylor will play the character of Lady Deadpool in the film. Apart from Taylor Swift, fans also made predictions about Blake Lively in ‘Deadpool and Wolverine’. She will be seen in the role of Lady Deadpool. At the same time, some fans said that the actress seen in the red suit is Jennifer Garner’s character of Elektra. However, the truth will come out only with the release of the film. For the unversed, Deadpool and Wolverine will be released in theatres on July 26 this year.

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