Actress Soundarya Sharma joined to celebrate World Chocolate Day 2023 as she took a fun quiz and went down memory lane. Read on to find out more!

What is your favourite memory related to chocolates?

Many of us were born and raised with Dairy Milk and I wasn`t vegan back then so I relished it. I used to be a mad lover of Fruit N Nut and Gems. I used to be a big fan of Hershey`s kisses chocolates and Toblerone and would wait for someone to get them from the US. Dad would surprise us with chocolate treats when we scored good marks in our exams. We would also look forward to Diwali to relish all the chocolate based sweets. I also loved Hazelnut chocolates and Ferrero Rocher. It`s the only thing I miss now that I`ve turned vegan but I also have better options so it`s alright.

What`s on your wish list this monsoon?

Waffles and Churros.

Any memorable experiences of baking or cooking with chocolate and what dishes did you try?

When I was in Los Angeles during Covid times, we made a lot of cakes, cupcakes, cookies and brownies. Now I can`t afford to eat too much chocolate because I have to keep fit.

The biggest chocolate lover you know among friend and family…

Despite being a dentist I loved chocolates during my growing up years. I developed a sweet tooth over a period of time. My mother loves chocolates and though she does not eat much she is the one who introduced us to the world of chocolates by rewarding us at the various milestones of our lives. 

 A chocolate treat that you would love to give your fans?

A hug as warm as chocolate. I don`t know how many of them would enjoy plant based vegan chocolates and I`m more of a dark chocolate fan too.

Which chocolate do you identify most with and why?

I`m more of a dark chocolate person and as we grow our choices change, we try to evolve over a period of time. I always maintained that I`m an Uncle Chips and Dairy Milk fan but not anymore because it contains milk. Lindt used to be another hot favourite.


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