World Food Safety Day 2024: Every year, a lot of people become victims of food contamination. Be it due to cooking practices, storage problems or inadequate controls or food frauds, food safety incidents can affect people. “Food safety incidents are situations where there is a potential or confirmed health risk associated with food consumption. A food incident can happen, for example, due to accidents, inadequate controls, food fraud or natural events. While being ready to manage food safety incidents requires dedicated efforts from policymakers, food safety authorities, farmers and food business operators, consumers also can play an active role,” explained the World Health Organisation on their official website.

Every year, World Food Safety Day is observed on June 7.(Unsplash)

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Every year, World Food Safety Day is observed on June 7 to reinstate the importance of food safety and practicing healthy cooking and storage practices.

Store in low temperature: In case there are leftovers from freshly cooked food, and we need to store it for the next day, we should ensure to refrigerate them. High-risk food items should be stored at 5-degree Celsius or below. This keeps the food safe from food poisoning or getting ruined.

Covered containers: We should ensure that the storage containers are properly covered and tightened while keeping the food items. Loosely covered containers or containers with no covers can lead to contamination.

Don’t mix: Raw and cooked food should never be mixed together. We should ensure to keep cooked food in separate containers. Raw food items should be kept below cooked food items.

Cook well: While cooking, we should ensure to fry the food items well, or boil them properly before consuming or storing them for further use.

Meat and fish: Before cooking and consuming meat or fish, we should clean them properly with water and remove blood and scales. They should be cooked properly before consumption.