World Gin Day 2024: A party is not a party until a bottle of gin is cracked open. Be it getting together with siblings or catching up with friends or having a party with office colleagues after work hours, a bottle of gin always finds a place on the center table for drinks. Gin and tonic are a combo made for heaven, and we know why we love it. The strong aroma and the citrus taste of gin adds more flavour to the party and is always the main attraction. Every year, World Gin Day is observed to celebrate the drink and also give a reason to the gin lovers to unite and hang out and have a glass of gin. As we gear up to celebrate the special day, here are a few things that we should know.

This year, World Gin Day will be observed on June 8. (Unsplash)

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Every year, World Gin Day is observed on the first Saturday of the month of June. This year, World Gin Day will be observed on June 8.


In the year 2009, Neil Houston founded World Gin Day as a way of getting his friends together for a gin party in Birmingham. Soon Emma and Neil became tight gin friends and brought the celebrations to London in 2010. The celebrations happened in a little gin bar called Graphic in Soho. Since then, World Gin Day is observed every year. Soon, Emma took up charge officially to celebrate the day, as Neil had other work commitments. World Gin Day is observed every year in multiple countries.


When it comes to having a glass of gin and catching up with old friends, we need no reason. However, World Gin Day provides us with the reason to catch up, hang out and have fun, all while having a glass of gin. This World Gin Day, gather your loved ones together and try out some new gin, over conversations, food and laughter.

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