There’s no better person to learn from, Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamath said as he sat down for a podcast series called ‘People By WTF’ featuring Bill Gates. The Microsoft co-founder said that sometimes governments and markets are not innovative enough or step in to solve issues which then become the task of philanthropy. 

Bill Gates and Nikhil Kamath share a longstanding philanthropic association. The latter has pledged to donate 50 per cent of his wealth to ‘The Giving Pledge,’ founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

“We are not trying to take over government functions and we cannot possibly do that,” he asserted. 

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Would Bill Gates choose capitalism over socialism, Nikhil Kamath asked to which the Microsoft co-founder responded, “Capitalism gives you the freedom to start a new business or try out a new product and that is an idea of freedom as it not based on your background or class and there is a discovery power.”

Bill Gates on his relationship with India

Talking about the ‘The Giving Pledge’ founded by Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, Nikhil Kamath asked Bill Gates about his relationship with India. The latter replied, “I have had a fantastic relationship with India starting with Microsoft where we hired very smart IT graduates and brought them to Seattle. Later they go back and created a development centre for us in four locations.”

Nikhil Kamath and Bill Gates share a longstanding philanthropic association as the former has pledged to donate 50 per cent of his wealth to ‘The Giving Pledge’.

Bill Gates’ praise for Satya Nadella

Talking about Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Bill Gates said, “A lot of amazing people I work with are from India and part of that is Satya who is doing an amazing job as the CEO.”

India is a country where we spent the most money in which is close to one billion a year, Bill Gates said. 



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