NAVI MUMBAI: A 20-year-old youth, Grayson Jacinto drowned in Kamarle Dam in Alibaug, on Sunday. Jacinto, a Juhu resident, had gone to the dam with his family and friends for a picnic.
The incident occurred during a swimming competition amongst themselves where they attempted to swim from one end of the dam to the other. His body was trapped in the mud 30 feet underwater.
Jacinto’s friends attempted to save him; however, they were unable to reach him.Jacinto lost his energy during the swimming competition and began to drown as he could not reach the other end of the dam.
Hearing his cries for help, a few villages tried to save him unsuccessfully.
The locals alerted the police. Assistant sub-inspector of police, Gajendra Karade, along with a team of police officers and a Samaritan group, Apghat Grast Madati Sathi, launched a search operation. However, as it was late in the evening they resumed the search operation on Monday.
“The rescue operation started around 9am on Monday and his body was retrieved around 12.45pm. The rescue team members were unable to track him while scuba diving. They used manual methods for the search. Even the underwater camera and fish-finder were pressed into the operation with no result,” said a member of the rescue operation.
He added, “An artificial whirlpool was formed by our team members to help track the body. The operation was quite risky as Jacinto was stuck in the mud flat.”
An accidental death report has been filed in the Poynad police station, informed an officer.