Gold smuggling by Air India Express staff bears strange resemblance to Netflix film 'Crew'

The recently released Netflix movie ‘Crew’ featuring Kareena Kapoor, Tabu and Kriti Sanon in lead roles won appreciation for showcasing women  having plenty of fun, despite the turbulence they face ‘on air.’ The performances of the lead actors also won rave reviews. The film features Tabu, Kareena and Krit as air hostesses – Geetha Sethi, Jasmine and Divya Rana – who decide to smuggle gold outside the country through Kohinoor (the airlines they work in) due to their dire financial situation.
While the film can be viewed as a ‘mindless comedy’, the storyline’s resemblance to the turn of events at Air India Express where two cabin crew members Surabhi Khatun and Shafi Sharaf were intercepted with gold in Kerala recently, is strange, though coincidental.

The film ‘Crew’: A synopsis
Geetha Sethi’s family is mainly dependent on her salary. She is hoping to receive her PF amount early, though the airline management at Kohinoor puts off her request continuously. Kareena’s character Jasmine was abandoned by her parents and lives with her grandfather. Her penchant for expensive stuff and her flashy lifestyle irk other fellow flight attendants, who are struggling financially. Divya’s family stands behind her as a rock and puts her through flying school because she has always wanted to become a pilot. Since she fails to get placed, she masquerades as a pilot in front of her parents.
Though gold smuggling is a serious offence, director Rajesh Krishnan treats it lightly, injecting humour and banter for the viewer.

Similarities to real-life incidents
Kolkata native Surabhi Khatun who was the first to be intercepted in the incident had smuggled gold on the Air India flight from Muscat to Kannur by concealing it in her rectum. She had reportedly carried one kilogram of gold. The other accused, Wayanad native Shafi Sharaf hid the gold, wrapped around his forearms, and concealed it under his shirt. Though the flight attendants in ‘Crew’ don’t follow the same modus operandi, their methods are equally strange. In real life, both Surabhi and Shafi were smuggling gold into the state, while in ‘Crew’, the gold was smuggled outside the country.
Though reports have emerged of flight attendants being used as carriers in the past, this incident comes as a blow to the aviation sector in Kerala.

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