NEW DELHI: JD(U) spokesperson KC Tyagi on Thursday said that the central government’s Agniveer scheme had upset a section of voters adding that the party wanted Centre to discuss the shortcomings in detail. He further said that JD(U) was not against Uniform Civil Code but wanted all stakeholders to be considered before reaching a conclusion.
Speaking to the reporters, Tyagi said, “A section of voters has been upset over the Agniveer scheme.Our party wants those shortcomings which have been questioned by the public to be discussed in detail and removed.”

“On UCC, as the national president of the party, CM had written to the Law Commission chief. We are not against it but a solution should be found by talking to all stakeholders,” he added.
Meanwhile, Bihar minister Ashok Choudhary, on being asked about UCC and Agniveer issue, said that CM Nitish Kumar will conduct a meeting on Friday with the party MPs to discuss the issue.
“The CM (Nitish Kumar) will hold a meeting with the MPs (of JD(U)) tomorrow, where all the issues will be discussed,” he said.
After Tyagi’s statement came in, other leaders like Congress’s Deepender Hooda reacted to it saying, “The whole country is against it. What JD(U) has said is correct.”

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