G Venugopal posts congratulatory note for Suresh Gopi, calls him selfless and hardworking

Veteran singer G Venugopal posted a heartfelt note on his social media handle, congratulating actor Suresh Gopi on his historic Lok Sabha win. Venugopal expressed how Suresh Gopi is not just a fabulous actor and politician but an amazing individual as well. The singer even shared a few beautiful instances that highlight Suresh Gopi’s selfless nature. Numerous people have been commenting on the singer’s post.

Venugopal’s Facebook post read: “I waited patiently until he was free to respond to my congratulatory message and missed calls. When he called, I asked him whether he realized that he was part of an iconic moment in the political history of Kerala. He replied, ‘Venu, I have nothing in my mind. The people of Kerala will benefit if I win, and Radhika and my kids will have my time if I lose.’ This man has always been like this. He isn’t too excited about anything; often melting like a candle, working hard to fulfil his duties. I tried to recall the handsome young man with a passion for acting whom I had met 38 years ago.

I knew a Suresh whose eyes would soon well up if someone close to him hurt him with their words. But later, I also came to know a Suresh who often lost control with anger and vexation when people backstabbed him and attacked him with vitriolic words. However, nowhere could I see a cunning man who gave too much importance to his career. Suresh seldom speaks politically correct statements. Those who know Suresh well would never expect that. Ten years ago, when Sri Narendra Modi’s messenger met Suresh Gopi, I happened to be there. Suresh was then curious to meet and speak to his favourite leader. When I learned that the BJP had given Suresh the party’s leadership in Kerala, I called him. ‘I would never take it up,’ said Suresh.

Later, when the same messenger offered him the post of central minister, Suresh told him, ‘Let me win an election first.’ I wondered whether it was possible to evade so many times in politics or whether the leaders would allow him that. But Suresh was sure that he would take up any such positions only if the people wanted him to. Many, including me, believed that such an attitude would diminish Suresh’s position in a cadre-based party like the BJP. Before the election, Suresh had asked the party to allow him two years to act in movies. ‘Cinema is my main source of income. I need to look after my family,’ he told them. Like the people, the party too realized that Suresh is someone who gives more than what he receives. This selfless desire for service is what sets Suresh apart from others.

I was reluctant to call Suresh, who was exhausted after the tiring election campaign and undergoing treatment at home. I apologized for not being able to attend his campaign tour. ‘I have asked everyone not to come for my campaign. I am used to the attacks on social media, but it would make you uncomfortable. In Kerala, BJP is not so desirable, but I am sure that it will change soon,’ he said. No matter whether he becomes an MP or minister, Suresh will only wish the best for the people, including his haters. I hope he can do lots of good things for Kerala. I often remind him that there is no need to sacrifice himself so much. Dear Suresh, you should maintain some health and charm for Radhika, your family, and for us friends too!”

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