ChatGPT down for second time in a day, Perplexity and Claude also hit by snag

OpenAI’s chatbot ChatGPT was down for the second time on Tuesday, The Verge reported.

In its status update, the chatbot’s creator wrote,“ChatGPT is unavailable for some users.” It added that the team is currently investigating the issue.

Not just ChatGPT, AI tools Perplexity and Claude were also down at the same time on Tuesday. According to technology website TechCrunch, a message read on Claude website,”“An error occurred in the Server Components render. The specific message is omitted in production builds to avoid leaking sensitive details. A digest property is included on this error instance which may provide additional details about the nature of the error.”

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However, the website was soon up within a short time.

Reacting to ChatGPT outage, an X user posted on microblogging platform,”Everyone coming to X to confirm chatgpt down.”

The OpenAI logo is seen on a mobile phone in front of a computer screen which displays output from ChatGPT.(AP)

“ChatGPT is down which means we are back to the middle ages,” another X user posted.

On Tuesday, a group of OpenAI’s current and former workers called on the company and other AI giants to protect the whistleblowing employees who flag safety risks about AI technology, AP reported.

An open letter published Tuesday asked tech companies to establish stronger whistleblower protections so researchers can raise concerns about the development of high-performing AI systems internally and with the public without fear of retaliation.

Former OpenAI employee Daniel Kokotajlo, who left the company earlier this year, said in a written statement that tech companies are “disregarding the risks and impact of AI” as they race to develop better-than-human AI systems known as artificial general intelligence.

“I decided to leave OpenAI because I lost hope that they would act responsibly, particularly as they pursue artificial general intelligence. They and others have bought into the ‘move fast and break things’ approach and that is the opposite of what is needed for technology this powerful and this poorly understood,” he had written.

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