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A provincial minister of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party on Tuesday congratulated the winners in the general elections in India and said that its outcome may bring progress and prosperity to the region. “Pakistan congratulates the people of India and the winners of the election and hopes that its outcome (new government) may bring peace, progress and prosperity in the subcontinent,” Punjab Information Minister Azma Bokhari, who is a leader of Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif’s party, said in a brief chat with PTI on the election results.

Bokhari further said Pakistan expresses good wishes for the people of India and once the new government is formed, Prime Minister Sharif and the Foreign Office will give a policy statement. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s former ministers and experts offered their insight into the outcome of the Indian elections, with some urging Pakistan to learn a lesson from its neighbour. Hammad Azhar, a former federal minister, in a long post, opined that Pakistan should learn from India.

“Many lessons for Pakistani establishment that the Indian elections offered: Democratic process is a self-correcting medium, provided it’s allowed to run its course without interference. One billion total voters in India yet elections held smoothly & on time. We could not hold the elections on time & through EVMs (electronic voting machines) with just a fraction of total voters. The wisdom of the masses is higher than the wisdom of 4 or 5 people,” he said.

Azhar also said that there was no report of even a concept of form 45 or form 47 forgeries in India. “The people of India today feel empowered and their trust in their own democratic process has enhanced. Our people feel a sense of betrayal due to their stolen mandate,” he concluded.

Fawad Chaudhry, former information minister of the PTI government, highlighted that the Indian voters rejected extremism. “Always had faith in the Indian voter that they will reject extremists and hate mongers and it’s very apparent even Modi and Rajnath are barely making it to LokSabha… Rahul Gandhi is winning both seats…,” he said in a social media message.

Murtaza Solangi, a former caretaker minister for information, highlighted that the Narendra Modi-led party suffered major losses against the prediction by the survey polls. Hussain Haqqani, the country’s former ambassador to the US, congratulated India for their commitment to democracy in a post on X.

“Congratulations to the people of India for going through their 18th parliamentary election since 1947 and never having to deal with allegations of massive rigging or stolen mandates. That is commitment to democracy,” he said.

Marvi Sirmed, journalist and human rights advocate in a post on X, stated that the people of India spoke through ballot. “Congratulations to the people of India for speaking up through the ballot and bringing the parties of their choice. Congratulations for successfully completing the electoral process – the largest democratic exercise on the planet. This is a day to celebrate democracy!”

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