Thiruvananthapuram: If wresting the first-ever Lok Sabha seat from Kerala was one of BJP’s high points in this election, as acknowledged by PM Modi himself more than once, the two ministerial berths for the state — for actor-politician Suresh Gopi who won in Thrissur and George Kurian, the party’s Roman Catholic face — indicate what the BJP looks forward to.It aims to gain a firm footing in the state before the next assembly election.
It was why Kurian, who remained with the party from 1980s, became a surprise entry in Modi 3.0 govt. The party, looking to capitalise on CPM’s alleged appeasement of Muslim voters, wants to garner Christian church leaders’ support through him and instil a sense of trust among them. The party, which gained from its outreach programme to Christians in LS polls, is looking to further improving its vote share in the state.

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Who is Suresh Gopi, BJP’s first Lok Sabha MP from Kerala
Actor-turned-politician Suresh Gopi wins Thrissur Lok Sabha seat with 3,37,652 votes, defeating Congress candidate K Muraleedharan. Gopi’s victory marks BJP’s growth in Kerala politics, increasing vote share to 28.2% in 2019. Gopi expresses gratitude to voters and declares support for PM Modi.